the angelbots - we build heavenly robots

"the mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled"

- plutarch

who are the angelbots?

we are a vEx team from massachusetts formed from former FLL teams. we're 7 kids, 5 girls, 2 boys all juniors. we have 3 coaches, all of whom coached at the FLL level. our team is affiliated with a town (not a school) association (syra).

we love robots but we do lots of other things. one team member is on the high school varsity softball team, another plays jv soccer, one plays jv lacrosse, two members are very involved with the school theater, one member has his 2nd degree black belt and is on the high school cross country team, one has won a regatta sailing solo and another team member is on the av staff in the high school. several are deeply involved with their respective religious activities.

sponsor us!!!

we are looking for SPONSORS. please check out our grant proposal and support our bot building endeavors. email us

our philosophy

we believe that all team members must do everything, so we all share responsibilities. we believe FIRST focuses on the process not just the end result.


so what's up with the geckos?

they're pretty chill.

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